New Post, Shoe Ghosts.

Something so scary has happened that I am forced to finally return in blog form and dress you all up in my love.

My shoe monster woke up yesterday.

It is a rarity to spot the shoe monster in the wild.

It is a rarity to spot the shoe monster in the wild.











Now usually the shoe monster is ranked third among the mischievous monsters that roam the dark corners of my shopping mind. Sunglasses being number one, and apparel number two.

That all changed yesterday.

I can’t stop thinking quite specifically about stacked toe four inch stiletto heels. Like these:

Modern Vintage's Linda in Mogano, Fall 2008

Modern Vintage's Linda in Mogano, Fall 2008

It is interesting to me how quickly and efficiently one of these shopping mind monsters takes the reigns.

I simply cannot pull myself away from

What happens to my sunglasses monster during a time like this? Is she asleep in some dark corner having dirty dreams about Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples?

I can’t be sure.

In other news, this:

If only to live in a world...

If only to live in a world...

and this.

Lets talk about pants for spring. Pants really don’t change too much from season to season. At least not so much that you and I, the common consumers,  notice.

Speak for yourself!

Your skinny jeans and wide leg pants are safe for Spring  and Summer 2009.

But just so you know my gut tells me I will be done with my skinnies by the end of this year.

Retired to couch lounging and grocery shopping.

However, I will def not be rocking the harem, balloon,  or cropped pant.

Ugh and blerm.

That’s right eighties babies! Take notice. I done said balloon pants! Even Marc and Mr. McQueen did it.

Tragically,  I think you will see this look around Hollywood a lot this Spring and Summer.

Quite frankly.

I find it insulting.

Well. It feels good to be back.

Now if you’ll excuse me-my monster is hungry.

Lovcat, Jess

PS. Chuckle.



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2 responses to “New Post, Shoe Ghosts.

  1. jmanos

    Hey Jess,

    Who needs The Daily Shopaholic’s desk calendar when they have your blog? 😉 Thanks for the link, I’m adding you to my reader.

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