Summer time thoughts on Fall 1.0

Oh by golly! Good to see you again my fluffy lil Biscuits!

I’m sorry to have neglected you for so long, but can we talk?

First, a request. Please stop wearing cargo shorts. Why? Tell me why you need all those pockets? Are you transporting cargo? Are you a carpenter? Are you camping? If you answered no to these questions just take them off. Right now. They’re unnecessary. Dont worry! Old Navy will find another way to stay in business if you stop buying them. They’ll always have fleece.

With that out of the way I really want to talk about Fall. I realize it’s the middle of August and most of us are still poolside, maybe stomping it out on the town bare legged in five inch heels…But it’s coming!! Fall! I can feel it riding in on the the breeze. And before you think I’m getting poetic-I really jus wanna talk about boots and jackets and cardis and scarves and stuff!!

Boots. You must own a ferosh ankle boot. You must. This is non negotiable. I love Elizabeth and James. Mostly on sale Elizabeth and James. And I don’t care if they look like mon chi chis (you know who you are) them Olsens got style.

Mon chi chi style.

Mon chi chi style.

The twins added footwear to the line last Spring, and Fall is on pre order now at Saks. It includes many hawt ankle boots.

Elizabeth and James Fall 09

My staple ankle boot is a great Seychelles number similar to this in brown. Whether it’s with tights, leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses, or trousers; the ankle boot is your versatile friend for fall. Do it.

FB, you ask, what other shoes can’t you live without in the coming season?

Definitively, my Fryes. These would be my one chosen item in a deserted island scenario.  Had them forever, will always. Nothing says classic like a boot that’s been around since 1863. My mother had a blonde pair in the seventies that she got rid of. I still haven’t forgiven her.

My final shoe thought for Fall is one that may scare some of you off in a saddle shoed penny loafered child kind of way. For the boho hipster crowd that remains…2007 saw the return of the oxford for women as a chunky heel. The last couple years, I was turned off. It seemed an oxford heel could go from Anthropologie romance to Wet Seal street walker very quickly. Twas a slippery nineties slope. However, this Fall I’m singing a different tune. In 2009 the oxford has lost its heel, kept the laces, and returned to its roots as a flat wingtip style shoe. I’m on board, and not just because I have a  pair of green Hush Puppies in my closet that have needed a spin since 1997 (lies- I wore them last fall ). An alternative to flats, this shoe gives women a no fuss, comfortable, easy shoe decision. Its hot in an Annie Hall kind of way. Top Shop has some classic and colorful options.

Even the Princess is in on the act:

Ri Ri does the oxford.

Ri Ri does the oxford.












Well, I’m exhausted. Don’t forget what it means to be a part of this relationship and stay tuned for thoughts on Fall 2.0. Until then…

Peace Luv and Biscuits,


PS Jeff Lewis, PR, Rachel Zoe.


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